Bourbon #1 - Rare Stash

Bringing locally sourced ingredients
from grain to glass.


Rare stash Bourbon #1


Rare Stash bourbon whiskies are specially selected for the unique and rare qualities derived from the raw and natural ingredients used to make our offerings. From the state of the art craft batch distillation process that produces the purest distillate to the highest quality of perfectly charred oak barrels used for aging. Rare Stash allows the unique combination of natural locally grown ingredients, barrel character and quality, along with time, to determine the qualities you taste in each bottle. Each years’ corn and grain harvest and crop is a bit different. Each stave of the barrel used for aging comes from a different tree and each has different characteristics and quality influences it imparts on the bourbon as it ages. We allow these natural, rare and unique influences from the ingredients and aging process to be realized in the Rare Stash bourbon you will taste and enjoy in each bottle. Live Rare, Be Rare, Enjoy Rare Stash!

“Rare Stash is artfully crafted from unique and rare lots (stashes) of bourbon that emphasize the quality of the natural ingredients in combination with the unique character of each chosen barrel its aged in, resulting in the complex character of each Rare Stash offering that brings to life, the “Live Rare, Be Rare” quality of our bourbons.”

RS_Bottle_FINAL-Front copy
Rare Stash Bourbon #1 is a unique barrel-aged straight bourbon blended with just a hint of North Carolina bourbon for flavor complexity.
The appearance is that of a deep golden-brown hue acquired from resting time in the barrel. 
The aroma is a combination of depth and smoothness, offering the soothing experience of oak, caramel, vanilla, and butterscotch.
Tasting Notes
The initial taste experience is intense and satisfying, followed by a complex array of flavors that engulf the palate.
The finish is long-lasting,  tantalizing, yet smooth, with the perfect balance of flavor characteristics and alcohol that will keep you coming back for more.
  • Big Easy
  • Nunus Country Market
  • Rouses Market, Saint Charles St.
  • Rouses Market, Park Ave.
  • Riverbend Market
  • Heberts Market
  • Janises Supermarket
  • Champagnes
  • Mathernes Market
  • Dons Country Store
  • Rouses Market, Highway 182
  • Cannatas
  • Fuel Plus
  • Hokus Pokus Liquors
  • Daves Beverage Outlet
  • Nunus Cajun Market
  • Rouses Market, Milton Ave.
  • Nunus Fresh Market
  • Rouses Market, Bertrand Dr.
  • Champagnes Market, Haymann Blvd.
  • Walter Broussard Supermarket
  • Rouses Market, Johnston St.
  • Champagnes Market, Veterans Dr.
  • Prejeans Restaurant
  • Chops Specialty Meats
  • Corner Bar
  • Rouses Market, Acadia Rd.
  • Rouses Market, Canal Blvd.
  • Supreme Discount
  • Star Convenience
  • Rouses Market, Admiral Doyle Dr.
  • Teets Food Store
  • Calandros Supermarket
  • Rouses Market, Airline Hwy.