Bourbon by Dustin Poirier - Rare Stash

Rare Moments Await

The world-class bourbon that’s meant to enjoy.

Rare Moments Await

The world-class bourbon that’s meant to enjoy.

Live Rare, Be Rare

Every once in a while, you look around and realize you’re in a moment you’ll remember for the rest of your life. Those rare moments call for a rare bourbon.

After unearthing limited barrels of straight bourbon whiskey, we’ve artfully crafted a limited-edition bourbon that’s meant to enjoy. Whether you’ve landed the job, reunited with old friends, or tagged your biggest buck, celebrate your rare moments with Rare Stash Bourbon.

This bottle is full of celebrations, congratulations, second chances and amazing bourbon. You are invited to join me in enjoying my first batch of Rare Stash.

Dustin Poirier

Co-founder and Mixed Martial Artist

Before Kentucky, There Was North Carolina

Before the prohibition, North Carolina was the queen of bourbon. She saw over 450 distilleries shipping bourbon by train, bringing high-quality bourbon whiskey to local taverns across the Carolinas. 

When whiskey went underground, North Carolina hid her treasure beneath the light of the moon. From her eastern swamps to her mountain coves, “moonshine” became the homegrown alternative across the state. As legal bourbon slowly resurfaced, we discovered that North Carolina’s craft had never left.